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Mar 20, 2011 11:00pm EDT
. but the u.s. says he is not a target. >> it's not about seeing him go. it is about supporting the u.n.'s resolution. >> the pentagon called "operation oddyssey dawn" very successful. >> we have detected no radar emmissions. >> u.s., british, and french aircraft also attacked tanks heading for bengazi. qaddafi vowed to fight a long war. >> we will get victory on behalf of the people. >> dozens of civilians have been killed, but the pentagon reports no civilian casualties. they will turn over primary control in a few days. >> we will be a member of the coalition, but we will not have the main role. >> nato has not agreed to a play to enforce the no-fly zone. live in washington. tv 11 news. >> we know the president is on the trip to latin america. what has he said lately? >> the president has not said anything specific. we do know that he was on a conference call. he has been following this closely. we may hear more from him tomorrow during a press conference with the president of chile. >> thousands gathered in tripoli to pay tribute to those killed by u.s. and coalition forces. they
Mar 27, 2011 6:00pm EDT
will address the nation on the mission in libya and the role of the u.s. moving forward. brian moore has the story from washington. >> as native takes over the no- fly zone and protection of civilians, president obama is putting the final touches on a speech that defines u.s. involvement and answers criticism on capitol hill. >> this policy has been characterized by in decision and the way. >> senator john mccain believes the commander in chief should seize the chance to tackle muammar gaddafi and bring democracy to his people. >> we've taken the right side. we ought to be open about it. >> others feel president obama has overstepped his bounds. >> estimates are that about $1 billion has are been spent on an undeclared war in libya. >> without action, secretary of state clinton says a civilian massacre could destabilized the region. >> everybody would be asking why the president did not do something. >> americans want to know how long the mission will take. defense secretary gates says there is no clear answer. >> the no-fly zone and the humanitarian side will have to be sustained for so
Mar 20, 2011 6:00pm EDT
-fly zone which is not only in effect. of the u.s. says gaddafi is not a target. >> it is very focused in ensuring that he cannot continue to execute his own people. >> in benghazi, they celebrate putting a halt on gaddafi's assault on the city. president obama only briefly mentioned libya in brazil today. >> receive the people in libya taking a courageous stand against the regime liberalizes there and citizens. >> they need to better explain the american role in this. >> we really have not discovered who is in libya that we are trying to support. obviously, the people against gaddafi -- but whose? >> some say we have waited too long to act. >> had this been done several weeks ago, we be in better shape. >> the military says that no allied aircraft has been lost and there are no reports of civilian casualties. live in washington a wbal-tv 11 news,. >> the question is if there is any indication of how long this will go on. >> it is really not clear. the pentagon says they are not ruling out wanting additional air strikes if necessary. admiral mullen says circumstances are driving with d
Mar 13, 2011 11:00pm EDT
makers here in the u.s. are questioning the vulnerability of our nuclear facilities. the u.s. has 104 facilities located in 31 states. one law maker wants to prohibit any new plants in earthquake prone areas and retrofit in quake zones. others are suggesting a time out. >> we have to listen to what is happening in japan and protect ourselves and our people. one of the questions is how do you plan for serious accidents for nuclear power but ultimately a question that these poses is this is the cost of nuclear power and are we willing to accept that cost. >> the nuclear regulatory question insists that those plants are safe. a hearing is scheduled for wednesday. a professor heading to japan to investigate the structural integrity of those buildings still standing. other civil engineers will analyze the damage in an effort to figure out why some buildings collapsed and others did not. the professor says it has to do with the building codes and designs. >> in some cases we intentionally design structures to way so that the nrnl of the earthquake does not go to the building and so specific
Mar 27, 2011 11:00pm EDT
over command from the previously u.s.-led mission in libya. the rebels say the allies have helped him push into key areas. we have the latest from benghazi. >> the rebels here in eastern libya have never been stronger. they have regained in the last 24 hours all of the ground and more that they lost when gaddai launched a counter-offensive which triggered western military intervention. after taking a job yet -- this city is today, they were able to push about 100 miles after its, striving toward the west without any kind of resistance at all. we drove along this road and we saw on the side of the road the reason why they were able to make such an easy advanced -- dozens of armored vehicles and tanks completely obliterated from the sky. it is open a corridor and the rebels are just walking through. they are concerned that as there is this change in command, as nato take more responsibility, that there will be a less aggressive military posture, i less aggressive series of airstrikes. they clearly do not want that. they are making advances toward tripoli and one another week, two weeks
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5